B2COAT focuses its entire activity on providing PVD Decorative Coating services.
Using a 100% eco-friendly process, B2COAT bases its service on quality and detail, combined with the commitment and dedication of the entire team.
Being a relatively recent brand in the market, it has been conquering the national and international market, all due to the constant monitoring of the team with the customer in all stages of the production process.
We adopt behaviors that make us a reference in eco-friendly brands.
We are committed to respecting nature, the environment and the future of our planet in integrity.

Our commitment

Build a privileged place as a partner of leaders and reference brands in the home and decoration sector. To be recognized for quality, trust, innovation and sustainability of our PVD Coating service.


Corresponding to the demand and expectation created by our client, nurturing relationships based on honesty, seriousness and rigor, as this is how we manage to share sustainable value.



Have doubts?

B2COAT clarifies

What is PVD Coating?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a thin film coating process that produces finishes from pure metals, metal alloys and ceramics, giving parts extra strength and an enhanced decorative look.

Is the PVD coating compatible with the food industry?

Yes. The PVD coating is compatible with the food industry, not causing any problem to human health.

Is it true that B2COAT's PVD coating is eco-friendly?

Yes. Our entire PVD coating production process is 100% eco-friendly, not harming nature with chemicals or dangerous substances.

Can I apply PVD Coating to medical devices?

Yes! It is possible to coat medical devices in PVD, without any danger to activity and health.

Institutional Brochure

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