Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to the environment

We use processes for the reuse of demineralized water, as well as an entire system in place to recover a large percentage of the running water used in our facilities and throughout the production process.

All the energy needed and consumed in B2COAT’s facilities comes from photovoltaic panels.
We aim to suppress all of B2COAT’s needs through green energy solutions, promoting a more eco-friendly industry.
In addition, throughout B2COAT’s exterior park, we present charging stations for electric vehicles, encouraging more sustainable driving by our entire team.

Social responsability

We promote a more equitable society

Since 2017, we have supported the Abrigo para a Vida Association.
It is an institution of social solidarity whose objective is to raise funds for the future construction of a Home.
In addition, it also focuses on raising goods necessary for the well-being of citizens who request it, such as wheelchairs, special mattresses, prostheses, etc.

PVD coating

An eco-friendly technology

Much more than being sustainable, B2COAT adopts a set of behaviors that minimize the impact that its activity causes on the environment.
As PVD is a physical and not a chemical process, all harmful emissions are eliminated, with no harm to nature.
We affirm, with all certainty, that the technology present in the B2COAT PVD Coating is totally clean.