Reasons to be the first choice

  • Adapted solutions
  • PVD coating and eco-friendly brand
  • We embrace all areas
  • Innovation and Know-how
At B2COAT we do not have a fixed base for all projects.
We work each piece individually, presenting the solutions that best suit it.
We don't just say that we are an eco-friendly brand.
The truth is that we work daily to design a more environmentally friendly industry.
We adopt behaviors that allow us to affirm, with conviction, that we are a brand that provides 100% eco-friendly services.
We present PVD coating solutions for the most diverse areas.
From the best known, such as Cutlery and Fashion, to the more unusual such as Medicine and Bathroom Accessories, at B2COAT we always analyze the best option to consider, in order to suppress the needs of your business and public.
We continually improve the know-how of the entire B2COAT team, with the aim of providing an increasingly complete, sustainable and technological service.
We don't like to settle down.
We like to learn new techniques daily and study new market trends,
all in favor of a quality service.