PVD Talks – PVD Coating

To inaugurate the Rubric PVD Talks we have the special participation of the head of B2COAT, Patrícia Ribeiro, which explains briefly what is the PVD coating and its different applications.

The PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition) decorative is an advanced and versatile solution for the coatings industry, providing durable, durable and aesthetically attractive finishes for a wide range of products.

Thanks to its compatibility with various materials and the variety of colors and textures available, decorative PVD has been widely used in various industries such as:

Bathroom accessories

Decorative PVD gives a luxurious appearance and corrosion resistance to the metals used in faucets, showers, towel racks and other bathroom accessories, ensuring greater durability and added value to the products.


With decorative PVD, the cutlery industry obtains coatings that increase the wear and corrosion resistance of cutlery, knives and other utensils, as well as providing a wide variety of design and color options to meet consumer preferences.

Home accessories

PVD is ideal for coating knobs and other decorative accessories, providing a durable finish that enhances the beauty and functionality of objects and furniture.

Using these coating services, we invite our customers to elevate the quality and design of their products with our advanced vacuum coating technology.

Win your customers over with high performance products and innovative design.

Take this opportunity to stand out in the market!